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Weight Control

Mega Hoodia is herbal, able to reduce your hunger.

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Manufacturer: Vipro

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Mega Hoodia

How does it work?

But before you start taking pills, it is necessary to understand how it Mega Hoodia works. HOODIA GORDONII tricks the brain, deceiving the effect that usually glucose has on the brain. That is, the brain believes that the body is not hungry and does not give a signal of appetite. But don’t think that this is the way you can fool the brain forever. In fact, hunger is divided into two types: hormonal hunger and real hunger. Real hunger we feel when our body doesn’t have enough nutrients to sustain life. A Hoodia blocks hunger hormone, depending on the level of sugar in the blood. So no matter how often you swallow the pills, when the body will need a real piece of meat, the brain learns about it and turns your appetite to the fullest. That is, the patient won’t be able to starve. In general, the Hoodia is a great helper to stop snacking unnecessarily.

What are the benefits of Mega Hoodia?

  • Has no known side-effects
  • Is stimulant free
  • Will not give you the shakes
  • Doesn't make your heart race
  • Doesn't rise your body temperature

What important facts should we remember about Mega Hoodia?

  • Only Hoodia grown in Kalahari is able to reduce your hunger. So if the label says that Cactus brought from Mexico, the U.S. or EU – you can safely throw a bottle in the trash. Be careful, read the inscription in all eyes. Even if you see the word “Hoodia from the Kalahari”, look carefully, perhaps the following will be inconspicuous in small letters to finish: “grown from the seeds Kalahari Hoodia.
  • There about 20 species of this plant but you need only Hoodia Gordonii. Remember this word combination. HOODIA GORDONII is produced only from the core of the cactus. The remaining parts of the plant are inefficient. So if the label does not say about the core, and, for example, refers to “plant” as a whole, it is likely that these pills do not really help you.
  • All companies that use hoodia must necessarily pay the royalty to Bushmen, as they are growing a cactus on their land. Of course, we cannot expect that each bottle it will be written about the payment to Bushmen, but if you really take care to check, and you connect the manufacturer in order to check this matter. According to the reports, no more than 3 companies do send money to Bushmen.
  • This drug must pass numerous inspections and tests. So pay attention to the quantity of different medals and signs on the bottle. The more numerous number it has the better.
  • Legal, effective and useful to you pills cannot be cheap! Out of every 800 kg of cactus extract about 40 kg of powder, which goes into production. The process is very costly, but the product you end up with is very effective.

How should I take this herbal medicine?

Take 1 capsule of MegaHoodia in the morning with a glass of water. You can take 1 more capsule before evening meal if needed. Always tell your healthcare provider about all supplements you are taking.

What is Herbal Supplement?

Supplements are made up a number of ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino and fatty acids, and other substances. They are generally used to “supplement” the diet. These supplements are taken in addition to food, to ensure that we are getting proper nutrients. They can come in a variety of forms such as a pill, tablet, capsule, powder or liquid.Click here


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